Federico Guillermo Manuel Sosa Valle
Ezequiel Luis Gallo

PhD in Modern History, University of Oxford – Professor Emeritus at the University Torcuato Di Tella - Houssay Award for Lifetime Achievement - Author, among other books, of La Pampa Gringa, Pellegrini and Alem.
Martín Farrell

PhD in Law, University of Buenos Aires – Emeritus Professor at the University of Buenos Aires - Professor of the University of Palermo - Author of seventeen books of legal, moral and political philosophy - Author of seventy papers of these areas, published in Spanish, English, Italian and German.
Eliana María Santanatoglia
Delia Ferreira Rubio

PhD in Law, The Complutense University of Madrid - Member of the International Board of Transparency International, Berlin - International consultant of institutions such as IFES, OAS, UNDP, IDEA International, CAPEL, IADB, between others - Author of numerous books, papers and contributions on political parties, electoral systems, political financing, transparency and democratic values, published in diverse institutions in various countries.
Adrián Lucardi
Guido Pincione

PhD in Law, University of Buenos Aires - Plenary Professor, Department of Philosophy and Freedom Center, University of Arizona - Specializations: moral philosophy and political philosophy - Author, with Fernando R. Tesón, of the book Rational Choice and Democratic Deliberation: a Theory of Discourse Failure and of numerous papers published in Public Choice, Social Philosophy and Policy, Utilitas and, with Fernando R. Tesón in the Journal of Philosophy and Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
Eliana María Santanatoglia
Ricardo Rojas

PhD in Economic History, ESEADE - Judge of the Criminal Court of Justice N° 18 of the Federal Capital, Argentina - Professor, Master in Law and Economics, University of Buenos Aires - Director of the Graduate School of Law, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala - Member of the Institute of Constitutional Law at the National Academy of Law - Author of several books and articles related to the economic analysis of law and legal philosophy.
Eliana María Santanatoglia
Mario Serrafero

PhD in Political Sciences and Sociology , The Complutense University of Madrid - PhD in Law, University of Buenos Aires - Senior Researcher at CONICET (National Council of  Scientific and Technical Research) - Numerary member of the National Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.
Eliana María Santanatoglia
Fernando Tesón

S.J. D, Northwestern University - Tobias Simon Eminent Scholar, Florida State University, College of Law - Visiting Professor, Law School, Di Tella University - Author of the booksHumanitarian Intervention: An Inquiry into Law and Morality (2005), Rational Choice and Democratic Deliberation (with Guido Pincione 2006) and A Philosophy of International Law (1998) and numerous papers in law, philosophy and international relations journals and collections of essays.  
Eliana María Santanatoglia
Salvatore Tolone Azzariti

D. Ph. in Civil Law, University of Naples and Catanzaro, Italy - Professor of Private and Commercial Law at the University of Naples Federico II and at the University “Suor Orsola Benincasa”, Italy - Visiting Fellow at All Souls College and Magdalen College, University of Oxford - Specializations: property rights, globalization and fundamental rights - Author of several papers and two books on his areas of expertise.
Eliana María Santanatoglia
Sheldon Wein

PhD in Political Philosophy, University of Waterloo - Professor of Philosophy and Professor of International Development Studies, and member of the Graduate Faculty in Management Ph.D. program and member of the Graduate Faculty in Criminology at Saint Mary’s University, Canada - Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and member of the Graduate Faculty in Philosophy at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada - Author of numerous papers published in specialized journals on international development, political philosophy and philosophy of law - Member and authority of several academic organizations such as the Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics, the Canadian branch of the International Society for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosoph, the Canadian Philosophical Association and many others.
Eliana María Santanatoglia
Leonidas Zelmanovitz

PhD in Applied Economics and Master in Austrian Economics, University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain - Lawyer from the Federal University in Porto Alegre, Brazil - Founder and CEO of the financial company Mercurio D.T.V.M. S.A., Brazil - He was a visiting scholar, then the manager of the publishing programme in Portuguese and nowadays a Fellow at Liberty Fund Inc.
Eliana María Santanatoglia
Eduardo Zimmermann

PhD in Modern History, University of Oxford - Lawyer of the University of Buenos Aires - Associate Professor and Director of the Humanities Department of the University of San Andrés - Among his publications are the books Los liberales reformistas and La cuestión social en la Argentina, 1890-1916, and diverse papers published in national and international specialized journals.
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