The activities of the David Hume Institute Foundation are carried out under two major programmes:
  The David Hume Programme
The Hume programme aims to renovate the academic debate through the introduction of cutting-edge theories and schools in the fields of law, philosophy and social sciences. Among others, it introduces the study and discussion of the new evolutionary theories in the social sciences, the evolutionary game theory, behaviourist law economics, experimental philosophy and economics, neuroscience, as well as the latest versions of Public Choice School, the New Institutional Economics and the Rational Choice Theory.

Within this programme, original research is conducted and academic papers are published. We also organize courses, classes and seminars where our researchers or guest speakers present their ideas and academic work, and research seminars and discussion, where participants, guided by suggested readings, discuss various aspects of social reality.

The academic papers published or presented by our research fellows at congresses can be found in each researcher profile.


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  For more details on the activities of this programme, please visit our Activities page.
  The Benjamin Constant Programme
The Benjamin Constant programme is devoted to the analysis, debate and proposal of public policies, considering the research projects and theoretical debates conducted under the Hume Program as a framework. We organize discussions about issues of the public policy agenda, with the intention of elaborating proposals that can be incorporated in the public agenda and the platforms of political parties. In this sense, David Hume Foundation promotes the interaction of researchers from different areas of knowledge and meetings between researchers, businessmen, politicians and journalists. Under this programme, we organize the "Seminar on Law, Politics and Economics", which consists of regular meetings, in which intellectuals, politicians and experts present the ideas they consider essential for the current public policy debate.
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  For details on this seminar and other activities of this program, please visit our Activities page.
  Blogs and Social Networks
The David Hume Institute Foundation has an institutional blog called SERIES, which is a channel for discussion of ideas and announcement of events and activities.
Researchers from the David Hume Institute Foundation are also part of the American consortium of bloggers Notes on Liberty, in which we regularly publish our articles and comments
In our Facebook page we publish international media articles about the evolution of rules and institutions, as well as everything related to new visions of social phenomena, in addition to our articles.
We also have an active Twitter account that is a good channel for updates of the David Hume Institute Foundation in which we also promote activities of other institutions.
Finally, there is also an institutional page on Linkedin.
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